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Saturday, June 19, 2010

How to Set Up Google Places Tags - Google Places Tip Eleven

If you are in California, Illinois, Texas, DC,Washington, or Atlanta, Google Places Tags are LIVE and ready for you to use.  If you aren't in one of those states, it shouldn't be that long before Tags are rolled out everywhere.  No schedule has been posted on the official page about Google Places Tags.  

A Tag is a tiny yellow ad on your Google Places listing that will make you stand out from your competition.  You only get 22 characters showing, so this is even a better test of your advertising writing skills than Adwords.  The introductory cost is $25 per month.

There is nothing easy about setting up tags. First, you can't create a tag unless you have claimed your Google Places Listing.  I have written elsewhere about this process, and there is nothing easy about how to claim your Google Places Listing.  Be sure to read everything on this blog as you claim your listing.  It will help you to get a great ranking.

Since this is going to cost you money, even if a paltry sum, you want to plan your ad campaign.  The good news is that you can change your Tag every day or more often if you like.  Google requires no contract on Tags, so you can quit any time.
You have Five basic choices as to what your Tag can point to:

On each of the above I have provide a link that can help you understand more about the choice.  I am going to explain here what I believe will usually be the best use of the Google Places Tag.

Back on the Google Places Account page, you need to click on the small analytics graph and see the full analytics page.  In the upper right hand corner of this page is the location where you can place your Post.

The post can be up to 100 characters and will show on your listing page as shown above.  However, if you point to this text as your TAG, only the first 22 characters will be visible.  If the viewer clicks on the tag, they will link to the listing page and see the entire Post, and everything else on your listing.  You want to use the tag to stand out and create enough interest to get a click through.  The clicks on the tag link will have a separate graph for analyzing its effectiveness.

Once you have decided which of the five you intend to use, you will see on this same page with the graph an offer to add the tag:

Once you have chosen from the pull down menu the type of tag you want, you can go to the check out page where you will set up your billing.  If you have not set up a Post or Coupon in advance, you will not see Post or Coupon on the pull down menu.  If you now create the Post or Coupon, you will need to refresh the page in order to see them on the pull down menu.

You can call a Google Rep to help you with this process at 800-838-7971.  If you would like someone who will help you with the marketing rather than just the processing of your account, please give me a call at 310-910-1848.

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