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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Google Places Business Listing Issue – One Location, Multiple Businesses or Business Services

Google Places Business Listings has a major issue for almost all businesses.  Almost every business has more than one thing they do or want to tell the world they do.  Even if I'm a restaurant, I may want to rank high for restaurant in general and Mexican Restaurant Specifically.  But now what do I do about my catering business, or my banquet business.  Then I may want to use the location as a great meeting location.  

Our restaurant owner really, really wants to appear on the outside MAP for all of those. He isn’t at all happy with being relegated to the inside listings on page 4 or 5 for any of those.

The answer to his dilemma is very complicated and can be expensive. First, he can go 100% legit. He lists his business, Paco's, the address, phone, and then goes to categories. He puts his five categories in the boxes and uses the description, and detail sections to further illustrate that he is really good at all five.

Chances are that if he does all the other things listed on these pages, he will show up on the outside MAP for at least restaurant (depending on how much competition in the city) and maybe his second choice.

What could he do to get a few more? How about change the name of his restaurnat to Pacos Mexican Restaurant and Catering. By having all three in his Name, he will help to get those three to higher levels of Google’s attention. He needs this new name to be on all places where his name appears on the web, including his website, blog, City Search,, Yelp, Yahoo, and everywhere else.

What next? Go ahead and start a second business in the same location. Get a real honest-to-goodness DBA or corp name for the second business. This one could be Mexican Banquets and Meeting Room. (If you hire me for branding, I will do better than this, I promise.) Now you need another web page or landing page or blog that shows this name and your address, and a different phone number. Now list this second business all over the web. Then, last, come back to Google docs under a new Google Account and set up your second company.

There are other possible solutions, but I’ll save those for another day.

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